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Lynne Grundy was a brilliant, dynamic and innovative researcher and lecturer
at the University of London from 1988 to 1997, and an inspiring teacher. She
died from cancer in 1997 when she was forty. The Lynne Grundy Memorial Trust was established with help from her students, colleagues, friends and family, to commemorate her life and work, and to continue her passionate involvement in her specialist disciplines.

We give several grants every year (generally up to £500 each) to scholars and students in the disciplines of Old English/ Anglo-Saxon or Humanities Computing (who do not already have a permanent full-time academic post or adequate funding) to contribute towards knowledge in these fields, and to improve the situation for people who may be caught in part-time posts or with uncompleted or unrecognised work.

The Trust aims to support scholars in realising projects which benefit the academic discipline and the individual.

Grants from the Trust have helped people to get books published, give papers at conferences, stage theatre productions, finish theses, make an academic contribution, make a difference to their career. We treat every application as confidential, but award winners can get good publicity for their projects in our widely-circulated newsletter. The application due date is Easter and awards are normally made in May each yearl.

"Receiving the Lynne Grundy Award is a great honour, and I would like to thank you as much for the trust you have placed in me as for your material support." (Award winner 2004)