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Guidance for Referees and Academic Supporters

The Trust is proud to be very well supported by the academic community. Anglo Saxonists and Humanities Computing specialists from Britain, Ireland and America hand out publicity from the Trust to potential beneficiaries, broadcast information about the work of the Trust at the Leeds IMC and at Kalamazoo, and most importantly write to us recommending and supporting their own students and colleagues.

We request two references to accompany each application because
we (trustees) are not academics, and so the references are vital to the applications both for letting us know about the quality of the applicants'
work and the level of support they have in the discipline, as well as the likely benefits of their work.

We are very aware that a detailed reference is an investment in time for the referee, and we are deeply impressed, every year, by the care and attention referees are prepared to give to supporting their students in this way. The Trust awards are now contributing a much-needed source of additional finance and encouragement to students and scholars who have an increasingly hard time just getting by, let alone funding conference attendance and research travel. We are very grateful for all the help we receive from academics in making sure the awards benefit as many people as possible.

Lynne spent ten years working on temporary part-time contract.  The insecurity and the lack of recognition that goes with a 'proper' full-time academic teaching contract took a heavy toll.  During the year before she died, Lynne took the decision to leave academia and train for a new career in healthcare.  We want to provide encouragement to academics in similarly dispiriting circumstances, and hope to be able to make a small but significant difference in hard times.  We rely on you to ensure our limited resources make the greatest possible difference.

You can send your reference by email to: before our Easter deadline.

"Yes, the Trust is doing an important job. I become increasingly disillusioned by the apparatus of academic research support for young scholars; funds like the Trust are going to be ever more important." (Academic sponsor 2003)

"The Lynne Grundy Memorial Trust awards have meant so much to my two students who've received them - both for the practical support and because of the recognition and encouragement. I hope the Trust will continue to help others this way." (Academic referee 2004)